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Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Develop Smart IOT Devices

Ucodice Technology

We have experience & knowledge on different sensors e.g. water sensor, speed sensor, motion sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, moisture sensor, etc. We also have experience on micro processor & electric circuits. Our in-house team is capable of delivering circuit & micro processor according to client's specification. We take pride in our track record, having successfully delivered an IoT device with mobile application access for a USA-based client. This device incorporated a diverse range of sensors and microprocessors, providing real-time data to a mobile application through the IoT analytics platform ThingSpeak."

Our approach is all about offering optimized solutions for maximum results. We're not afraid to take on new challenges or dive into research to find innovative answers. If you have an IoT project in need of development or require any form of assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions available.

IOT Solutions

We are not limited to any particular industry for IOT development. We can work for any industry e.g. energy, healthcare, retail, agriculture, transportation and manufacturing etc. This is suffice to say that IoT is a broad term and a tailored solution for advanced business needs.

Ucodice Technology

End to End System Integrated

Ucodice Technology

Industrial IOT

Ucodice Technology

Smart maintenance

Ucodice Technology

Smart supply chain management

Ucodice Technology

Smart cities, smart utilities

Ucodice Technology

Connected health



"Internet of Things is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives. From refrigerators to parking spaces to houses, the Internet of Things is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day."

- PricewaterhouseCoopers report


There are various companies offering development. We possess a unique position among them because of our valuable efforts.
Affordable Pricing

You don't need to be extravagant to avail web and mobile development. We always give priority to the work quality rather than money. We have developed many applications at competitive prices.

Experienced team

Our company is teamed with dedicated and experienced developers. They have good knowledge and capability to turn the ideas into practical results.

On-Time Delivery

Our goal is to maintain the credibilit of clients. We value their time prominently. We ensure successful completion of the projects within the specified time period.

The Best Support

Our Support is seamless for your all queries. Every developer is keen to resolve queries and provide custom solutions as well.

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