Ucodice Technology

Ios/Android mobile application

for franchise management

To manage and enhance operational efficiency

Ucodice Technologies
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ucodice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Project Synopsis

This case study delves in response to the evolving needs of client. The goal was to develop a mobile application that seamlessly integrated with their existing system, enabling franchise owners and staff to manage operations on the go.


* Develop a mobile application to complement the existing system.

* Enable franchisees to efficiently manage bookings, invoices, and spare part tracking on mobile devices.

Key Features

Our team delivered a tailored mobile application that augmented the existing system

* Booking Management

* QR Code Scanning

* Record and upload videos

* Revenue Insights

* On-the-Go Bill/Invoice Management


By introducing a mobile application that seamlessly integrated with the existing system, our IT company empowered Phixman franchisees to manage operations on the go. This case study highlights the success of the collaboration in enhancing operational flexibility, efficiency, and overall business performance.


React Native








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