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Tech Recruitment Website for

management-level hiring

Sweden's largest tech recruitment platform

Project Synopsis

This is a management-level hiring portal specifically designed for the Swedish market. Inspired by the renowned platform Hired.com, It has become Sweden's largest tech recruitment platform. By providing a user-friendly interface, anonymous profiles, and personalized matching algorithms, It aims to simplify the tech recruitment process, making it more enjoyable, transparent, and efficient for both candidates and employers. .


This portal was established to address the challenges faced in the tech recruitment landscape in Sweden. Recognizing the need for a streamlined platform that caters specifically to the tech industry, It provides a comprehensive solution for both job seekers and employers. By leveraging innovative technologies and implementing user-friendly features, Demando has emerged as the go-to platform for tech talent and companies looking to make successful hiring connections.

Key Features

* Create and Manage Profiles

* Import Profile from LinkedIn

* Bidding on Profiles

* Live Chat


This website has emerged as Sweden's leading tech recruitment platform, revolutionizing the hiring process for management-level positions. By leveraging innovative technologies and user-friendly features, It connects tech talents and companies, creating a transparent and efficient environment for both parties. Through features such as profile creation and management, LinkedIn profile integration, bidding on suitable profiles, candidate acceptance and rejection, candidate-company chat, and shortlisting and offer functionalities, Demando empowers tech talents and employers to make informed decisions and establish meaningful connections. With its commitment to simplifying and enhancing the tech recruitment landscape, It has become a vital resource for job seekers and companies seeking their perfect match in the Swedish tech industry.


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This case study focuses on Azoi, the world's first Android/iOS mobile application for practical Jewish living. Developed on the React Native framework, Azoi provides a user-friendly platform for individuals seeking guidance and resources for their religious practices.

Swim Coach

It is freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace for hiring swim coaches. It is the clone of Upwork with features like Freelancer profile, post project, bid on project, hire coach, messaging between freelancer and employer, Award project, Escrow, review / Rating, buy swim product, Payment gateway, other ecommerce features etc.

Phixman Website

It is biggest gadget repair chain for mobile & laptop. It is an ecommerce portal with multiple module like franchise with its management system to manage invoice, manage booking, tax, revenue, staff, billing, etc. It has multiple login access control and complex and large back-end.


It is a management level hiring portal with bidding and messaging features. Candidates can create profile and import profile from Linked-in. Employers can create company profile and view available profile for hiring. Employer can bid on profiles to hire candidates. There are multiple stages of hiring all of them are being managed on website.

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